Schedules and Contact Information

Contact for schedule specifics:

MIT Handbells

Every Monday (except possibly holidays)
Handbell practice at MIT in rooms 5-232 and 5-231.
All levels beginning at approximately 7:00pm. We ring until 9:45 or 10:00.
Beginners are welcome for any part of practice; feel free to drop by for half an hour.

Cally Perry
Phone: (508) 369-4171

Old North

Most Saturdays:
Practice (all levels) starts 11:00am.

Occasional Sundays:
Practice (all levels) starts at 2pm.

Please check with us before you come, so that we can confirm practice time. (But do feel free to turn up unannounced.)

Ricky Morse (Ringing Master & Steeple Keeper)

Church of the Advent

Practice (all levels) is Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm.

John Danaher (Tower Captain)

Danielle Morse (Ringing Master)

Elaine Hansen (Steeple Keeper)

Service Ringing

Service ringing at Advent 10:00am.
Service ringing at Old North 11:55am.
It is hoped that ringers in the Boston area will help out with the service ringing!

Special and Holiday Ringing

Ringing at Old North at noon on July 4th.
Ringing at the Advent on July 4th for the Esplanade concert, preceded by potluck at 7:00pm.
Weddings by arrangement.

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