Email Lists

For Tower Bell Ringing info and local events

The mailing list for the Boston area change ringers is To subscribe to the list, send blank email to

Click here for more information about finding out who is on the list and other ways of adding or removing yourself from the list.

This list is used for general contact to Boston area change ringers, to arrange for special ringing events (such as peals, quarters, and weddings), to announce practice cancellations, and to provide other useful information to Boston ringers.

Handbells – Change Ringing

The handbell list is To be added to this list, contact Cally Perry at This list is used to provide information relevant to handbell ringing and the monday night handbell sessions at MIT.

Handling – Change Ringing

When there are several people still learning to ring tower bells, it is often worth setting up extra bell-handling practices for them. We have a mailing list ( that is used to coordinate these practices and determine when people will be able to show up. If you belong on this list, you will be added to it. If you are interested in teaching or learning handling, talk to the ringing master at either tower during practice.

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