Change Ringing Samples

Every year we ring during the Boston Pops concert on the 4th of July during the 1812 Overture. Here are some examples here, here, and here.

Hear the Bells of Old North

Rounds and Plain Hunt on Five

Call Changes

Grandsire Caters

Yorkshire Royal

Tune Ringing Samples

Spring 2005 Concert (Low Resolution)
Spring 2005 Program


Ringing at Groton — July 25, 2009
A sunny day with lots of nice ringing on ten and a picnic, what could be better?
Photos by Mira Whiting

Boston Pops Dress Rehearsal — July 3, 2009
We got tickets to the dress rehearsal, and had a blast hanging out and listening to the concert on the esplanade.   The weather was perfect, and we got to hear the entire 1812 overture!
Photos by Mira and James Whiting

Quebec City Ringing Weekend — May 2009
Quite a crowd of Boston ringers traveled up to Canada for the Quebec City Ringing Weekend on Memorial Day Weekend. It was lots of fun!
Photos by Mira Whiting, Andrea Falk, and Shirley Nadeau

88 Bus Lunch and Dinner — May 2009
So many of us live along the 88 bus route we decided to have a progressive dinner along the route — but there were too many stops so we broke it into two courses of lunch, tea, two courses of dinner and dessert. The food was all amazing and it was a very nice way to spend an afternoon and evening.
Photos by Mira Whiting

Melrose Anniversary Party — February 2009
Several of us carpooled to Brewster, NY for the Melrose Anniversary Party. The ringing was fun, and it was nice to get to visit with ringers from elsewhere. There was much fun had by all.
Photos by Mira Whiting, James Whiting, and James Snyder

Bowling outing — February 2009
What better way to spend an evening when practice has been cancelled than candlepin bowling?
Photos by Mira and James Whiting

Barak Obama’s Inauguration — January 2009
Ringing at Old North for Obama’s Inauguration.
Photos by Karen Hunter

Belfry Work at Advent — November 2008
A team effort to replace the clappers at Advent.
Photos by Dianne S. P. Cermak

Veterans’ Day Hike in the Blue Hills — November 2008
Several Boston ringers had the day off work, and it was a perfect day for a hike.
Photos by Mira Whiting

Knitting and Ringing — October 2008
Asher explains ringing to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (the Yarn Harlot), famous knitting author, using his scarf of knitted Cambridge Major. See more at the Yarn Harlot’s blog.
Photo by Mira Whiting

25th Anniversary of the Old North Bells Celebration — September 2008
We had a big celebration Labor Day weekend to celebrate 25 years since the Old North bells were re-hung. More information on the weekend can be found here.
Photos by Dianne S. P. Cermak

Learning About the Russian Bells at Harvard — August 2008
A great opportunity to learn about a different kind of ringing.
Photos by James Whiting

Amy’s Graduation Party — June 2008
Amy has graduated from MIT! We threw her a party to celebrate.
Photos by Mira Whiting

Ringing in New York and at the Groton School — July 2007
Ringing at Trinity and at the Groton School made July a busy month!
Photos by Mira Whiting

Change Ringing Knitting Patterns

A Scarf of Cambridge Major (PDF / Corrected Chart of Cambridge)
Designed by Asher Kaboth

A Neckwarmer of Cambridge Major (PDF / Corrected Chart of Cambridge)
Designed by Asher Kaboth

NAGCR Logo Chart (More Information)
Designed by Mira Whiting

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